Resources, Books & More

Books represent a wonderful resource for prayer from seeker to teacher, peruse our resource guide for helpful prayer book suggestions.  We have suggested, to the best of our ability, a system to help guide you to resources that may best fit your current walk- these are only a suggestion.


Here are our category  suggestions:


Stage 1: Seeker/Explorer

This is the first stage of learning; you are curious and ready to seek out truths and answers.

Stage 2: Construction/Formation

In this phase you are now a believer because you have come to know the Lord.  This is where you solidify your beliefs and go deeper into scripture and learning.

Stage 3: Mature Servant

Like a young adult, you are ready to graduate and to get trained for the outside world.  This is where your personal ministry blossoms as you learn where you belong in the Kingdom of God.

Stage 4:  Experienced/Teacher

Your knowledge and wisdom are essential to the stability and future of the church.  In the same fashion God expects the battle-hardened veteran to slow down and pass on the legacy of the faith to others.